Social Worker

Ms Mika Morrissey |Social Worker | Bachelor of Social Work
Mika completed her Bachelor of Social Work at the University of Sydney in 2018. She moved into Social Work as a second career after wanting to pursue a change in life. She has developed the skills to help people manage personal and social problems, either directly or by planning and carrying out programmes that benefit groups or communities.

As a social worker Mika practices within the AASW Code of Ethics and is equipped with knowledge that allows for challenging the structural barriers that contribute to inequality, discrimination, exploitation and oppression within communities.

Mika alongside the Occupational Therapists organises the group program as well as starting up the ‘Social Work Program’ that concerns itself with individuals, families and groups in an effort to enhance social functioning and overall well-being. Mika supports all those in need of assistance to live to the quality of life deserved by all.