Dr Mark Yim | Consultant Psychiatrist | MBBS (UNSW) FRANZCP
Mark is a Clinical Director at Mind Plasticity and Consultant Psychiatrist. Mark works principally in adolescent, young adult and adult psychiatry. His areas of expertise include undiagnosed ADHD among adolescents and adults, sleep disorders, emerging and complex mental illness and school refusal.

Mark works closely with schools and frequently conducts community visits to liaise with young people, their parents and teachers in the school setting. In addition to his work at Mind Plasticity, Mark holds weekly clinics at St Vincent’s Private Hospital, where he is also an admitting doctor, and at the Charles Perkins Centre where he additionally runs a Clozapine clinic.

Dr Astrid Rogoz | Consultant Psychiatrist | MBBS, MPsychiatry, FRANZCP
Dr Rogoz provides consultant psychiatric services for adolescents, young adults and adult mental health patients. Her area of expertise includes comprehensive assessments followed by management plans for various mental health conditions, including mood disorders (Bipolar Affective Disorder and Major Depressive Disorder), various anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, personality disorders, complex PTSD and alcohol and other substance use disorders. She makes it her aim to develop a therapeutic relationship of trust and understanding towards recovery of symptoms.

Dr Rogoz works as a generalist psychiatrist but specialises in longer term therapy using a psychodynamic approach. She also has a background in working within a shorter-term, focussed Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) framework.

Dr Dr Rogoz has worked at the Brain and Mind Research Institute and at headspace. She currently also practices at Level 8 Practice in Macquarie Street Sydney, St Vincent’s Private Hospital Uspace, and provides Consultation-Liaison clinics for mentally ill homeless people at three Homeless Hostels including Foster House, Edward Eager Lodge and Mission Australia Centre. Dr Rogoz has also received several prestigious awards for her research work and is affiliated with various universities including the University of NSW, the University of Sydney, and the University of Notre Dame. Dr Rogoz is fluent in Croatian, Bosnian and Serbian languages.

Associate Prof. Elizabeth ScottAssociate Prof. Elizabeth Scott | Consultant Psychiatrist | MBBS FRANZCP
Assoc. Professor Elizabeth Scott is a consultant psychiatrist and consults at Mind Plasticity on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Liz has considerable clinical expertise in the assessment and management of patients with depression and anxiety disorders and works across the lifespan with adolescents, young people and adults.

Liz has worked as a consultant psychiatrist across a variety of settings including the Mood Disorders Unit at Prince Henry Hospital, St George Hospital and Community Health Services. She has had extensive experience in developing and evaluating comprehensive assessment and management programs for young people with mental health problems through work with the BMRI and the new National Youth Mental Health Foundation (‘headspace’) programs in the South West of Sydney. She also has a long record of research activity commencing as a medical student and continuing throughout her medical career.

Liz is appointed to the School of Medicine at the University of Notre Dame, Sydney and also consults at St Vincents Private Hospital and the Brain & Mind Research Institute (BMRI) as well as holding a position as Conjoint Lecturer at the School of Medical Sciences, University of Sydney. She is a Discipline Leader, Young Adult Mental Health, St Vincent’s Hospital School of Medicine Sydney, and the Director of the Young Adult Mental Health Unit, St Vincent’s Hospital Darlinghurst.

Dr Kam Salah | Consultant Psychiatrist | MBBS FRANZCP
Kam is a new psychiatrist at Mind Plasticity and provides comprehensive assessments and ongoing management for adolescents, young adults and adults. She is dedicated to youth mental health and early intervention; working together with patients to improve wellbeing and function. Her most recent role was providing psychiatric services at headspace Camperdown for the 12-25 year old age group.

She has previously worked for Sydney Local Health District at both Royal Prince Alfred and Concord Hospitals; providing both inpatient and outpatient psychiatric care across all age groups for those with mood, anxiety, psychotic, personality and substance use disorders. She recently incorporated her dog, Bo into canine co-therapy sessions at headspace with considerably positive outcomes; particularly for those presenting with depressive, anxiety, autism spectrum disorders or a history of trauma.

Kam is able to provide both shorter and longer term therapy; using a cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), supportive or psychodynamic approach. Kam believes that building rapport and confidence in the therapeutic relationship are vital for working toward recovery. Whilst opinions and recommendations will be discussed, the treatment plan will be considered and agreed upon together. Please inform the team if you think Bo’s presence would be helpful and would like to request he attend your appointment.