Speech Pathologists

Alissa Gargano | BAppSc (Speech Pathology), Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist, Certified RDIĀ® Program Consultant

Alissa is a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist with Advanced Practice in the area of Autism Spectrum and associated Neurodevelopmental Disorders, and she is also a Certified Relationship Development Intervention (RDI) Consultant. Beyond direct speech therapy, Alissa also acts as a parent coach. She is passionate about working in family and person centred ways to ensure that every client feels safe and supported, and can engage in authentic experiences that nurture development.

Since graduating from the University of Sydney, Alissa has worked extensively in private practice and the early childhood education settings, both in Sydney and in Singapore. This has allowed Alissa to develop a deep appreciation for what each different client and family brings to the table. Alissa also works with private clients in her other practice in the eastern suburbs and inner west of Sydney, as well as working with clients and families from further afield using telehealth. Apart from her clinical work, Alissa continues to mentor Speech Pathologists and other para-professionals in both Australia and South East Asia, affording her the chance to continue to engage with ongoing collaboration from other clinicians with different perspectives.

Alissa believes that in order to stay relevant to her field, ongoing professional development is key. But she also realises that evidence-based practice is about understanding that each client has their own strengths, challenges and personal style, and that these must form the cornerstone of their overall management plan. The art is just as important as the science!