Ebru Dombayci

Ebru has completed her undergraduate degree in Occupational Therapy at the University of Western Sydney. She is currently part of the team and is responsible for the co-ordination of the daily group program at Mind Plasticity.

Ebru offers community, telehealth and clinic based Occupational Therapy services with individuals. She has experience in various areas of occupational therapy including working with children and adults with varying disabilities. Ebru also has knowledge in assistive technology to enable independence and increase engagement in meaningful occupations.

Ebru has found her interest in mental health through her clinical placements and working with individuals with various needs. She strongly enjoys supporting individuals in developing independent goals and working with them to achieve what is meaningful for them.


Grief, loss and the pursuit of wellness Podcast

Dr Rob talks with Kate de Brito on her podcast How to be Happy about grief, loss and the pursuit of wellness. Available on Listenr, Apple podcasts, and Spotify.




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