Dana Bassett

Dana is an endorsed clinical psychologist with almost 15 years’ experience. Dana is a compassionate professional who has an extensive understanding of multiple therapeutic modalities that she draws upon including; CBT, Psychodynamic Therapy, Compassion Focused Therapy, DBT, Mindfulness, Somatic Psychotherapy and Hypnosis.

Dana has a keen interest in working with issues such as mixed anxiety and depression, OCD, hair pulling/skin picking, post-natal depression, adjustment difficulties, assertiveness training, building esteem and confidence, child/teen behaviour management in the home and integration of psychedelic experiences. Dana has a fondness for working with young people aged 16-25, and enjoys working with adults of all ages. Dana’s approach to treatment is influenced by her belief that everyone has a capacity beyond their knowledge to improve aspects of their life, and that working together can help to reveal and strengthen those abilities.


Grief, loss and the pursuit of wellness Podcast

Dr Rob talks with Kate de Brito on her podcast How to be Happy about grief, loss and the pursuit of wellness. Available on Listenr, Apple podcasts, and Spotify.




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