Occupational Therapists

Ms CuttenMs Heather Cutten | Mental Health Occupational Therapist | BAppSc (Occ Therapy)
Heather Cutten is a Clinical Director at Mind Plasticity and our Principal Occupational Therapist. She is an endorsed Mental Health Occupational Therapist who has worked in and around Sydney in public and private health since 2003. Heather has professional affiliations with Brain and Mind Centre at Sydney University, headspace, St Vincent’s Private Hospital, and Department of Veterans Affairs.

Heather delivers clinical skill in physical and psychological Occupational Therapy, including community access, environmental modification, equipment prescription, functional assessment, cognitive behaviour therapy, and solution focused brief therapy. She has a special interest in working with young people and adults who experience complex co-morbid mental health and medical problems. Heather is able to provide assessment and interventions in clinic or community contexts in Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle, as indicated for each individual’s needs. In addition to her work at Mind Plasticity, Heather tutors in psychological strategies for Masters of Occupational Therapy students at the University of Sydney and has guest lectured at the University of Western Sydney.

Ms ArmstrongMs Vanessa Armstrong | Occupational Therapist | BAppSc (Occ Therapy)

Vanessa is a Mental Health Occupational Therapist who specialises in working with people of all ages in the community who experience anxiety, depression, and fears that interfere with the things people want; need; and have to get done. Vanessa assists people to explicitly  identify what is interfering with their function and participation in the community, and develops a graded exposure plan with clients whilst fully supporting them to engage. Using a ‘Recovery’ focus, Vanessa believes clients are the experts on themselves and works as much with people’s strengths and values, as their challenges. Referrals under a Mental Health Care Plan can be used with Vanessa..

Ms Jayde Avery | Occupational Therapist | BAppSc (Occ Therapy)
Jayde is a qualified Occupational Therapist who is responsible for co-ordinating the Mind Plasticity group program. Each week day she runs skill building sessions for small groups of young people across both our clinics. Jayde also offers clinic and community based Occupational Therapy for individuals.

Mr Lachlan BestMr Lachlan Best | Mental Health Occupational Therapist | BAppSc (Occ Therapy)
Lachlan is an Occupational Therapist who has worked in public health across a range of settings and locations, with a particular focus on mental health and employment. Lachlan has assisted in the establishment of evidence-based practices and partnerships across NSW, working alongside clinical and employment services to integrate care for people with mental difficulties who have goals to gain open, competitive employment.

Lachlan is a guest lecturer for Southern Cross University teaching the Mental Health and Productivity Unit since 2011 and has taught the Mental Health unit for the Masters in Occupational Therapy at the University of Sydney. Lachlan has extensive experience in clinical rehabilitation settings working with people who have chronic mental illness, providing clinical interventions for people wishing to explore and improve their participation in education and employment.

Mr Zac ShparbergMr Zac Shparberg | Occupational Therapist | BAppSc (Occ Therapy)
Zac is a qualified occupational therapist who works with people across the life span experiencing difficulties engaging in everyday life. Zac primarily works with the youth and adolescent population experiencing mental health challenges, mainly stemming from anxiety, depression and autism spectrum disorders.

Zac is also NDIS registered and has experience in conducting comprehensive occupational therapy assessments for young people through to older adults. Zac aims to work in a collaborative manner to facilitate engagement in occupations that are meaningful to clients through identifying barriers to participation, and navigating ways to overcome said barriers. Zac strives to facilitate meaningful engagement in valued occupations – in addition to functional activities of daily living – in the clients pursuit of a rich and diverse life